May 9, 2017

Add Functionality to Your Site

Hide Shareable Images - Featured Image -
How to Hide Shareable Images within Your Posts
Shareable images are essential to making your posts go viral. If you don’t have eye-catching, easy-to-share images on your blog,
Permalinks - Feature Image -
How to Create Beautiful Custom Permalinks
When it comes to sharing your web address everyone can agree that it needs to be memorable in order to
Before & After - Feature Image -
How to Create a Before & After Image Slider
There are a multitude of ways available to display before and after images for your viewers. You can connect them
Website Screenshot - Feature Image -
How to Create a Website Screenshot
Have you ever wondered where a link on a page will take you, but you don’t want to click on
Create Tooltips - Feature Image -
How to Add Tooltips to Your Blog
When it comes to blogging we all know it’s important to make our sites as user-friendly and safe as possible.



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